Which is Better- ClickBank or Amazon’s Affiliate Program?

There is a raging debate on which affiliate program is better between Amazon and ClickBank. A closer look at both affiliate programs reveals that they all have advantages and disadvantages.

For example, some people prefer ClickBank to Amazon due to the difference in commission rates. While Amazon offers commission rates ranging from four percent to eight percent, ClickBank offers commission rates that sometimes exceed 75%.

However, though ClickBank has very high commission rates, their conversion rate is very low. And that is where Amazon is strong. The strength of Amazon is its ability to convert site visitors into buyers. As an Amazon affiliate, your only job sometimes is just to get a visitor to Amazon and Amazon will handle the conversions. Conversely, as a ClickBank affiliate, you will have to presell your traffic before you send them to the product’s landing page. If you do a crappy job of pre-selling traffic, you can miss out on sales and hence the commission.

There are some affiliates who disdain Amazon because of Amazon’s stringent promotional rules. At Amazon, the affiliates are in constant worry that their accounts may be banned or suspended at any minute for violation of a rule. For instance, Amazon Associates’ terms of service forbid affiliates from promoting any products through email. The terms of service also forbid affiliates from stating the price of a product sold on Amazon except if the price is served by an Amazon link.

ClickBank is different. Affiliates have complete freedom to do pretty much what they want. Unless you are not cookie stuffing or employing deep Black Hat methods to sell products, ClickBank has no problem with you.

Another disadvantage with Amazon is that there is virtually every physical product on the site. So many affiliates often give it a wide berth as there is too much choice such that it is confusing people on what to pick.

In spite of those disadvantages, Amazon has so many advantages over ClickBank.

First off, you can easily target the `exact match’ keywords. Amazon has a huge number of potential customers that are specifically looking for product names. To tap on this potential, choose a reasonably popular product, make an `exact’ search using the Google Keyword Tool to check if people are looking for that product. Then create a page targeted to the keyword, build links, and watch as your commissions soar. Conversely, with ClickBank, the usual process for affiliates is targeting long-tail keyword phrases and then trying to lure customers to click through to a page with the product.

In Amazon there is less competition for products because there are so many awesome products to sell. On the other hand, there are so many average products on ClickBank, and the ones that are good are very competitive.

That said, if you intend to become an amazon affiliate, then brace yourself for extended pay cycles. The model of payment that amazon employs implies that you will not get money for the sale until two months after the sale occurs. On the other hand, ClickBank features an impressive payment system where your money is disbursed through direct check deposits weekly or fortnightly. Moreover, even if your merchant’s business runs bankrupt, you can still get your payment through ClickBank.

All in all, Amazon seems the better of the two.

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